Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Final Project: Skipped.Forms

Instagram: @skipped.forms

Join me in the global village. Now featuring: my childhood, digitized!

A sample for those who may not be on instagram:

When thinking about the global village, and the ways in which social media has changed my identity, I was reminded of these childhood videos my mother took of me from ages 2-8 or so. I found the idea that these videos could have existed for over a decade without ever becoming part of the "global village" of the internet. So I decided that these videos would skip all previous forms of new media and go to the latest one-- instagram. Part of the appeal of Instagram was that it is so modern that you cannot even upload from your computer, only from a phone or tablet, which no one seems to have a problem with. However, it became a difficult process for these videos, which existed only in VOB format that my mom uploaded to a google drive folder that she shared with me. VOB files are pretty obsolete at this point, and most of the coversion methods involved paying money, so eventually I had to just resort to video taping the screen. I was also fascinated with the one minute time limit, forcing me to decide which videos were to become a part of the allatoneness of instagram.

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