Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Something is Happening: That Something is Me, Changing my Entire Project~~!!!!!!!!

Last Friday, something happened...

I wouldn't really know what it was, though, since I was in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, learning about organic farming and looking for a lady with 50 acres to spend my life with (no luck yet, still on the lookout).

But I made it onto the Mudd instagram!

My Project was Titled
"I dreamt of oblivion and it looked like home"
After much deliberation I decided to forgo my previous project. I wasn't feeling as interested in how repetitive the images were, and I personally find my best photographs are the ones which I happen upon, rather than try to stage.

Left: Untitled (Monster with Scales)
Appleton, Wisconsin
Right: Untitled (Self-Portrait)
Appleton, Wisconsin
HahA,, GET IT?

Cover: Untitled
Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

All photographs were taken by me (with the exception of two self portraits, which the credits go to Aidan Sponheim and Rory Cambell).

There is no fixed location to these photographs, they were taken in Miami, Appleton, Seattle, Portland and elsewhere. I havent been in a fixed location lately, and I am lost to the idea of home. I am grounded in my shared experiences, my friends and family who keep me from disappearing into oblivion. I also used a few photos of dead animals because I have a morbid curiosity in the moment of death. Animals rest where they die, whereas we are moved to where our body is deemed appropriate. It hadn't happened yet when I took or chose the photos, but looking at them over again made me think about the Jewish graves decimated in the recent weeks. Death is not sacred.

I like this a lot better than my last project.
Rawlins, Wyoming

Miami, Florida


  1. I like the egg Picture. I didn't like ur titles for the two you hung up. sorry! I really liked what you said about the way animals lay where they died. It's so strange that we don't. My favorite was the egg picture.