Sunday, January 22, 2017

Experimental Video: TIMELINE SMORPH still possible in 2k17

What dictates a narratives when they occur simultaneously, in a shared
space? Ted Nelson argued that the space created by the modern computer
does not allow for similar timelines. But these windows move, expand,
shrink, end, begin at different times, among each other. This video may
present differently each time watched, depending on the person. For
some, the mouse may dictate which media is being viewed. For others, it
may be which video strikes as most interesting to their eye. And the
sounds present a repetitive distraction designed to let one's mind
wander from the story being presented. The media is intentionally
overwhelming, as McLuhan puts it: "all media works us over completely"
(26). But is this really any different from other media ingested on a
regular basis? The act of scrolling-- through Facebook, Instagram,
etc.-- using the scrolling method which cuts our attention to a new
image over and over again, often feeling repetitive. Apps like vine
thrive off the ability for a short sound to repeat until abstraction.
Additionally, the display in which this video is based could be the
manifestation of "maximizing perception and to make everyday learning a
process of discovery." Although each video is simple, short, and
repetitive, the collection of videos distorts, rearranges and moves past
the video into which the video camera is also the computer.


  1. I really like the way you play with and control the viewers gaze in this piece. I think its very interesting.

  2. hi morgan! Your video was so eerie and strange and nonsensical and i couldn't take my eyes or ears away from it, it was so addicting to experience..! sorry if that sounds weird, but yeah, i really enjoyed watching it, i could sense some sort of influence from ryan trecartin. there's just so much that draws your attention as you watch what happens in each screen, and the repetitive sound, for me at least, was provoking something, something i'm not really sure of, but it was there and i thought it really made the video!

    1. thank you so much. never heard of ryan tecartin but ill look them up.